[VIDEO] 6 Pug Puppies Sleeping Side By Side


The 6 pug puppies in this video are sleeping side by side.   These are really young puppies.  It’s wonderful watching these puppies’ tummies rise and fall to their breaths.  Those little feet and arms are kicking and twitching.   Sometimes they curl up their little feet.  It’s amazing how strong their stomach muscles is to be able to do this.

I find it interesting that when puppies are this young, they seem to always touch their siblings when they are asleep.  As if they need to be in contact with someone from their litter.  Could this be part of the bonding process?  I think I understand why some people recommend that puppies stay with Mom and their siblings for a certain number of weeks before going home to a new family.

Enjoy watching these little ones twitching and kicking in their sleep.


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