[VIDEO] A Dog Who Does Not Believe In Competition


The dog in this video does not believe in competition.   It is a beautiful Mastiff who is just NOT into competition.   He is going through the motion, but his heart really is not in it.  He doesn’t feel joy jumping through all these “hoops.”  His trainer seems more excited about the Agility course than he is.

I know someone who is very interested in her dogs going to Agility training.  At first one of the dogs seems very into it.  Then his interest changed.  The trainer then thought of getting a different, lighter, taller dog who may have an easier time with agility.  Some dogs seem to enjoy such activities, or maybe to share in the excitement of their trainer.  This Mastiff looks tired to me.  What I like is his attitude.  He lets it show.

Enjoy watching this Mastiff express his honest opinion about his involvement in this competition.


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