[VIDEO] Fiona Finds New Family After Eye Surgery

video blind dog finds forever home after eye surgery

In this video, we see Fiona blossoming in her forever home.  It is wonderful to see how loved Fiona is with her new family.  Perhaps you are wondering if adopting a blind dog is right for you.  Debbie Marks answer some common questions on this topic.  She shares that first and foremost, we are adopting a dog.  Second, it’s a dog who is blind.

To a dog, sight is not necessarily the most important sense to them.  They need their smell and hearing even more than sight.  A blind dog can figure out the layout of furniture in a home in perhaps one day.  So you don’t need to constantly worry if they are going to bump into furniture and break things.  They know exactly where the couch is, and they jump on the couch.  They even know the best spot on the couch to take a nap.

How to take care of a blind dog

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If you think there are areas in the house where he might injure himself, gate that area off.  A blind dog can do any activity that a sighted dog can do.  They can even do agility training.  They can run around the yard, play fetch (use a scented ball or a ball that jingles).  Some invent their own games.

Dogs who are blind can still be guard dogs.  The author has a blind dog and sighted dogs.  It’s the one who is blind who warns her when people are at the door.  He knows who is the mailman.  They are your best friend just like any other dog.  If there is a sighted dog in the same house, the partnership often turns into a very strong bond.  So having a blind dog is not necessarily more work than having a sighted dog.  As long as they can hear, taste, hear you talking to them, feel you petting them, they can live a normal life.

They like belly rubs like any other dog.  You might talk when you approach your dog so they hear you coming.  And you might make yourself known when you are about to touch them.  You can read more about this topic here.

Article source:  Debbie Marks in Pet Finder



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