[VIDEO] These Dogs Love Using Their Athletic Abilities

video of dogs enjoying sports

The dogs in this video love using their athletic abilities.    The skateboarding and surfing are just some of the sports that these dogs excel in. (Okay, there is one cat and one bird in the video.)  If you have a dog who is eager to learn and has lots of energy, consider introducing them to some sports.

They can range from a non-competitive test to highly competitive sports, according to Dog Guide.   The AKC has plenty of these events.  Even if your dog is not a pure-bred  for participating in them, it gives you some ideas, since the AKC is well-organized in this regard.

If you have an athletic dog, read on…

There is one AKC event that is open to all dogs, mixed-breeds or pure-bred.   As long as you have a well-behaved and trained dog, your pet can participate in it.  It is called the Canine Good Citizen Program, or CGC for short.  It is a certification program.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

Actually, many have used this CGC certification program as a starting point to train a therapy dog, writes Dog Guide.  Some dogs go on to more advanced physical training such as agility or search and rescue.  And it’s just nice to brag about your dog’s achievement.

This Canine Good Citizen certificate can benefit certain breeds (like Bull breeds) because it is proof that shows property owners and local authorities that the dog is stable in their temperament.  Also, insurance companies that won’t cover people with certain breeds of dogs will take the CGC certificate into consideration.  So if you think your dog has the interest to go through the training, it may be a worthwhile effort.  There are other sports like fly ball and carting, depending on the interest of your dog.  Dog Guide offers some other ideas on the sports your dog can participate in.   You can read about them here.  Enjoy watching the athletic abilities of these dogs.

Article source:  Dog Guide


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