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video Norbert the therapy dog on television

This is another video of wonderful Norbert spreading happiness everywhere.  If you are unfamiliar with Norbert, he is a wonderful therapy dog in a tiny package.  This is an interview of Norbert and his Mom, Julie, on how Norbert came to be a therapy dog, what he is doing to spread cheer, and what his Mom is doing to add joy to children’s lives.   So here’s some background information about Norbert from Norberthood.

The story of Norbert the therapy dog

Norbert’s Mom found him through Petfinder when he was 4 months old.  He is not a rescue dog, but he needs a special kind of home because he is so tiny—around 3 pounds.   Norbert is part Chihuahua, part Cairn Terrier, and part Lhasa Apso.   It might be hard to believe, but when Norbert was a puppy, his color was dark brown.  His hair color changed over the first 2 years.  Norbert’s name was inspired by the dragon in the Harry Potter’s book series.

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One day, someone mentioned to Julie that Norbert would make a wonderful therapy dog.  So Julie trained Norbert on her own, then go through the process have him become a therapy dog.  Norbert volunteers at a children’s hospital.  Imagine the smile on the patients’ faces when they see this fluffy wonder.

Many organizations that welcome therapy dogs require that they be certified and temperament tested for liability reason.  There are certainly qualities a therapy dog must have.  For example, they must be friendly, confident, and gentle, and like to be petted even by strangers, and sometimes perhaps clumsily.  They have to be calm and stable in their temperament, even in stressful situations. They have to be comfortable being lifted or assisted into someone’s lap and be content to sit or lie comfortably there. They must feel okay in public, maybe crowded places.

Read more about Norbert here.  Enjoy Norbert’s interview!

Article source:  Norberthood


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