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video Corgi puppy falling asleep

This has got to be the sweetest Corgi good night video.   The Corgi puppy was asleep.  His parent puts a blanket on him to keep him warm, which wakes up the puppy momentarily.  Puppy sees what Mom’s doing, and falls asleep again immediately.  I read that only dogs who feel very safe in their environment would sleep with their bellies exposed.  Judging from this mom’s care for her Corgi, and how she says “Good night” to his pup, this Corgi has good reason to feel safe.

What are Corgi’s like?

I don’t know if this Corgi still needs to keep warm with a blanket.  Younger puppies, actually fairly newborns do not yet have the capacity to moderate their internal temperature.  That’s why those newborns need to be kept warm by us.

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

For example, the room they sleep in needs to be a certain temperature for the newborn.  That is, if their mother is not nearby to keep them warm herself.   You see newborns who can’t see yet finding their way to Mom to keep their bodies warm.  And that’s why you see puppies huddling to keep themselves warm.

According to Nat Berman on Puppy Toob, Corgi puppies are affectionate toward their owners.  Give them lots of affection when they are growing up.  It’s good to work with housetraining right away, have the vet check them regularly, and give them lots of chew toys.  In fact, when they start nipping on fingers, distract them with chew toys and rawhide toys.  Make sure that the puppy is not in extreme cold or hot.  There are rescue Corgi organizations if you are looking into adopting one.  And if you are going through a breeder, find out the temperament of the mother and father.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy watching this caring mom making sure her Corgi puppy is warm.

Article source:  Nat Berman on Puppy Toob


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