[VIDEO] French Bulldog Puppies Being Cute

video of French Bulldog puppies

The French Bulldog puppies in this video are just being cute, even when they are doing nothing.  There are many scenes in this video which are delightful.  Starting with the puppy in the first scene.   Napping puppies (especially the ones who are newborn) look very sweet with their little feet curled up.

There’s a puppy toward the beginning (the 3rd or 4th scene) who looks like he’s dancing while seated.  There’s no music.  He just enjoys doing a move, which looks very much like a dance move.

Then there’s the puppy who sticks out his tongue when he sleeps.  And wiggles it.  And the little one who likes to sit in a box as small as he is.   Lovely, isn’t it?

Enjoy these scenes in the video.


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