[VIDEO] Misa Minnie The Yorkshire At 20-Weeks-Old


Remember Misa Minnie The Yorkshire Terrier who knows many many tricks?  Here she is at 20-weeks-old.  Here are the tricks she already knows at such a tender age.

Weave, pray, sit pretty, bang (play dead) sit, lie down, high five, shake left paw, right paw, dance, wave to say hello, turn around, jump over, close the door, be sad.

I found a most lovely letter written by her human mom to her on the Internet.  You can read it by clicking here.  It begins with “You are my little angel on four paws….”  It is the most beautiful letter!  I imagine all humans who appreciate their dogs would feel some of the sentiments in this letter.  

Enjoy watching Misa Minnie in this video.


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