[VIDEO] French Bulldog Puppy And A Tiny Frog


The French Bulldog puppy in this video has a tiny frog sitting on his head.  And he is being very gracious and patient about the little frog crawling on his face.

Turn up your volume to hear the very slight objection toward the end of this short video.  His growl is almost undetectable.  This tiny frog has definitely chosen the right host for his visit.  Any other dog, and the frog could have been lunch.  I suspect that the forehead of this puppy is not as sensitive as his nose.  So when the frog climbs down to his nose, it’s probably ticklish for the puppy, and he lets out the tiniest growl.

This puppy is going to make someone a very sweet pet.  If he is patient with an adventurous frog on his face, he is going to be patient with a lot of things.  Enjoy your experience with this French Bulldog puppy!


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