[VIDEO] Playtime For Two Coton De Tulear Dogs


The 2 beautiful dogs playing in this video are Coton De Tulear.  The puppy is 9 weeks old at this filming.   I did some research to find out more info about this breed.   I clicked on the website below the YouTube video and learned that the owners of these dogs got this breed because their son has allergies.  So these are what some call “hypo-allergenic dogs”.

I read from that website (source below this video) that Coton De Tulear is a good family dog.  They are playful, loving, very intelligent, and easy to train.  Loyal too.  They are social, so it’s a good idea not to leave them by themselves for a long time.

Enjoy this video of these 2 Coton de Tulear playing with each other.  A bit of rough-housing here, but good natured.

Article source:  Coton de Tulear


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