[VIDEO] French Bulldog Puppy Strange Eating Habit


The French Bulldog puppy in this video has a strange habit when he’s eating.   He does some kind of a handstand.   I was curious about this, so I did some research on it.

In The Dodo, I read that according to a science advisor at ASPCA, there may be more than one reason why some puppies do this.  One is that a puppy’s head is larger at this stage of their development.  So when they lean their weight toward a food bowl, it’s like a teeter totter, and the hind legs may take off into the air.  Especially if the puppy is very focused on eating, they pay no attention to gravity.

Another explanation that Dr. Zawistowski offers is that puppies may contract or tense their muscles on their back when they lean forward to the food bowl.  This would pull their hind quarters forward, and off the ground those little legs go.

Whatever the behavioral explanation is, it is cute for us to watch.  Enjoy this short video!


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