[VIDEO] Pug Puppies In Their Daily Life


This video is a compilation of pug puppies in their daily life.   Pug puppies learning to turn over, crawl, run, wrestle, and simply being their adorable selves.

I remember when pugs started to get more popular after the TV series “Spin City” with Michael J. Fox.  Remember Carter, played by Michael Boatman?  A pug named Rex in the series appeared on many episodes.  After that, I saw many more pugs.  I wonder just how much influence that TV show had in increasing the popularity of this breed.

I did some research on pugs.  They adapt well to apartment living, and are good for novice owners.  They don’t like to be along.  They don’t like cold, and they don’t like hot.

They are affectionate with family members.  They are pretty kid-friendly.  They are also pretty friendly with other dogs too.  As well as with strangers.  This information is from Dog Time.   They DO shed, and they DO need to exercise.

The puppies in this video are starting out in their young lives.  Something about their face, their body, and their temperament…just can’t help but use the word “adorable.”

Enjoy this video.  I think the last puppy actually wink at the camera.


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