[VIDEO] A Puppy Who Falls Asleep With Her Pacifier


The boxer puppy in this video falls asleep with her pacifier.  Her name is Leia.   Actually, Princess Leia.  At this filming, she is 8-months-old.  Please turn up your volume.

In the video below, Leia is resting on the sofa, and her human mom offers her a pacifier.  Watch Leia’s response to it.  The second part of the video shows Leia’s fast asleep, snoring, still with the pacifier in her mouth.

I looked for information about why some puppies like pacifiers, and find only a few answers, and with differing opinions.  Some say that a pacifier can satisfy the chewing instinct of teething puppies.  I imagine just like human babies, it can be soothing for some puppies too.   I also read that pacifiers are not for adult dogs or puppies with permanent teeth.

In this video, there is a lullaby playing in the background.  Very fitting for this video.  I think you’ll enhance your viewing experience if you turn up your volume.




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