[VIDEO] This Dog Loves To Be Licked By His Cat Friend


The dog in this video loves to be licked by his cat friend.   Jetta is a Great Pyrenees/Husky.  At this filming, she is 2-years-old.  Her cat friend, Finn, is almost 2-years-old.  The two have a special bond.  The way they interact is just lovely to watch.  Such friendship.  Such tenderness.

Jetta just rests her face in Finn’s arm, and relaxes into the face and nose wash.  Finn puts one paw on Jetta’s face.  What a sweet gesture.

I did some research on cats grooming dogs.  From my reading, cats like to groom each other’s faces, ears, necks, and heads because those places are hard to reach on themselves.  It could be a mutual service.   And it’s also a way to affirm the bond between friends.

I suppose Finn does this for Jetta because he likes his friend.  It’s quite possible I’ll run across another video with Jetta returning this favor.  In this video, it’s just nice watching how well she receives this affection and grooming.

Enjoy the video!


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