[VIDEO] French Bulldogs Growing Up With Babies


The French Bulldogs in this video are growing up with babies.   They seem to know what delights a baby, and want to keep them entertained.  The harder the baby laughs, the more entertaining the Bulldog gets.  (doggie comedians.)

There are several scenes I especially like.  In the first scene, is the dog imitating the baby?  Or is the baby imitating the dog?

About 1/3 of the way, there’s a Bulldog who is mindful of his weight, and adjusts where he lies so he would not be heavy for the baby.  How thoughtful!

About 1/2 way through, the Bulldog is showing a baby how to crawl.  Better the doggie than the parent! 🙂   And about 3/4 of the way through, a toddler is learning just how precious it is to have a baby for a friend.

Enjoy this warm and sweet video.


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