[VIDEO] This Husky Likes The Refrigerator


The Husky in this video likes the refrigerator.  Her name is Luna.  At this filming she was only 8 weeks old.  That’s how she could fit inside the fridge.

Dogs are so wonderfully resourceful.  A Husky’s natural habitat is in the colder parts of the world, so this little one (only 8-weeks-old) follows its own natural intelligence to find a spot that feels good to her.  And the coldest part in a house is the refrigerator!

I remember talking to someone in Arizona who wants more than anything to have a Husky.  She said there are indoor air-conditioned dog parks so doggies can run around without the risk of getting overheated in the high temperature outside.  She said many people walk their dogs either earlier in the morning or later in the evening, so the temperature is more comfortable for their dogs.

I even heard there is a site that lists the most suitable climate for certain breeds.   While there is little action in this video, I find the sight amusing.  I hope you enjoy the video!


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