[VIDEO] Friendship An Italian Greyhound And A Mini Bull Terrier

video italian greyhound and bull terrier friendship

The Italian Greyhound in this video is enjoying her friendship with a Mini Bull Terrier.  The Bull Terrier is Zelda, and the Greyhound is Luma.  Zelda is lovingly grooming her friend, and Luma is taking it all in, loving it, and coming back for more.  

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Italian Greyhounds shows a side of themselves to their families that they may not show to strangers, according to Dog Time.  They like to snuggle with their family members, stay close to you, show you their affection, and being playful.  Around strangers they are more reserved and shy.  If you are getting your Italian Greyhound from a breeder, spend time observing the mother and watch her temperament.  If the father is also there, even better.  This can give you an idea of the temperament of their offspring.

What are some characteristics of the Italian Greyhound?

The Italian Greyhound has a short coat, so they get cold easily.  In fact, they can shiver.  When you take them for a walk in the winter, put a jacket or sweater on them to keep them comfortable.  When the weather is warm, protect their skin with sunscreen made specifically for dogs.  They like to lie in the sun, and if their skin is unprotected, they can have issues with their skin.  

When they are puppies and young adults, they have lots of energy.  A daily walk will take care of this.  This is a hound, so if they see a squirrel, they are likely to chase after it.  Without a leash, you may have a hard time getting their attention.  And you’ll need a fenced yard, and a higher fence too because they can jump quite high.  Do not use underground electronic fence.  A little shock is not going to keep them from getting out to chase an interesting small animal.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching Zelda giving some love to Luma.  If you like this video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Dog Time


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