[VIDEO] Marnie The Rescue Dog On Her Book Tour

video Marnie the rescue dog on book tour

Remember Marnie the Shih Tzu?  She is going on her book tour in this video.  If you are unfamiliar with Marnie, she has a wonderful story that’s a testimony to adopting a dog.  In the About Page of Marnie The Dog, we learn that Marnie was found by Animal Control when she was around 10 years old.

She was not claimed by anyone, so Marnie was moved to an animal shelter.  She stayed at the shelter for 4 months, and then her Mom found her through a post on PetFinder.  The shelter thought Marnie was blind in one eye (she was’t, it did look gray and cloudy.)  After Marnie was adopted, her eye cleared right up.  She was actually called Stinky because she had decaying teeth, which made her smell really bad.  But after 14 teeth were extracted, Marnie started smelling nice again.

The story of Marnie—from shelter to celebrity life

Many people have asked the same question about Marnie–her tongue.  Why is it hanging out?    She just has a long tongue.  Something unique about Marnie.  To keep it from getting dry, she licks her tongue every few minutes.  In the snow, Marnie puts her tongue back in her mouth.  Smart!

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Her new name, Marnie, was named after the musician Marnie Stern.

Many people ask why Marnie tilts her head.  Several veterinarians think that Marnie probably had Vestibular Syndrome once.  Most dogs that have experienced this condition recover within a few weeks.  They can continue to live a normal, happy life, with no pain.  Sometimes they do have a head tilt, as in Marnie’s case.

As Marnie gets more comfortable in her new home, she feels more confident, and her very people-oriented personality shines through.  So over time, Marnie becomes more and more famous, hence this book tour. You can read the entire article about Marnie here.  

If you like Marnie’s video, here’s another one you might also enjoy.  It’s about a gourmet meal prepared for her and a friend.  The storyline is quite cute.

Article source:  Marnie The Dog


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