[VIDEO] Fun Loving Dog Leaps Into Armchair


The fun loving dog in this video just leaps into an armchair and flops down.  More like flying.  She has a very humorous nature, I suspect.  Goofy, maybe.  Certainly well-loved.  This is how well-loved dogs behave.  Sure of themselves.  Confident.  Knowing they are cute and adored.  She flies into the armchair with such confidence.  And lands in a very safe spot.  With a little adjusting, she found a comfortable position, and poses for her human.  It has to be fun to live in this household.  With a goof ball like her.  A character.  Unpredictable.  Life is never boring with this one around.

Enjoy watching this extremely short video.  But then, a flying leap only takes a moment.  I would love to see more of this funny dog.  Turn up your volume, so you can hear that solid landing.


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