[VIDEO] Doberman Loves Water Slide


The Doberman in this video LOVES the water slide.   He lands in the water, then climbs back out and run up to the slide again.  Why?  Because it’s FUN !  Dogs have such a sense of fun and adventure.  This Doberman could probably do this all day.  It looks like it would take a lot of energy.  But he is showing no sign of exhaustion yet.  Wouldn’t it be nice to take a little vacation (like this dog) and do something that’s fun over and over, just because it feels wonderful?   It doesn’t need to seem fun to anyone else.  I think this dog could care less what his dog friend by the pool thinks of his enthusiasm for the water slide.  He is enjoying it, and that’s ALL that matters.

Enjoy watching this Doberman having the time of his life!


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