[VIDEO] Vocal Dogs And Cats Saying Hello


The very vocal dogs and cats in this video are saying Hello and I Love You.  And some of them sound amazingly close to a human’s voice.  The Dalmatian is really diligent in practicing his new word.  The cat inside her carrier sounds the closest to a human hello, of all the pets in this video.  And the pug is the most enthusiastic of all.  Good try, puppy!  The following segment has clips of dogs and cats saying I love you.  The bulldog is really good.  And the cat at the end of the video just cracks me up.  She is so happy about being scratched, I think it’s more a sound of content and satisfaction than an attempt to say I love you.  Oh, and toward the real end of the video is a bulldog waving hello.  It’s the cutest wave!

Enjoy this light-hearted fun video of dogs and cats attempting to talk like humans.

Image source:  tian2992 on Flickr


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