[VIDEO] Gentle Dogs Walking With Toddlers

toddlers walking dogs

Some of the dogs in this video are giving the toddlers a break.   These gentle, mature ones seem to deliberately walk more slowly so the toddler would catch up with them.   And they are not pulling on the leash at all.  They know that the toddlers are learning a new responsibility, and are helping them to build confidence.

These dogs are paying attention to what the toddlers want.  The parents are nearby to make sure all is well.   Toward the end of the video, a large dog is actually pulling the baby stroller.   The dog keeps wagging its tail, as if delighted with this responsibility.  Some dog breeds appreciate having a job to do.    We can hear a parent giggling with delight at this sight.

What are the benefits for a child growing up with dogs?

There are so many benefits for a child to grow up with a dog.  For one thing, as we see in this video, they are learning to care for another.  They are learning to pay attention to what their dog is doing, where their dog is heading, and making sure they have the leash in their hand.

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Another benefit is that they are getting exercise.   Not just for toddlers, in fact, older children who have dogs and have the job of walking their dogs get more exercise a day on average than those who don’t have a dog.  Dogs need exercise, and the caretaker (in this case, the children) are getting exercise at the same time.

There are studies that conclude that children who take care of their pets grow up to be more compassionate.   Perhaps it has to do with sensing what their furry friends need from them.  Dogs often seek our attention.  Picking up the signals of what their dogs want from them, and nurturing their dogs with love build these qualities in children.  It’s a win-win-win.  Dogs, children, and society.  Enjoy watching these toddlers learning to walk their beloved dogs.


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