[VIDEO] 8-Weeks-Old Pomeranian Puppies

video 8 weeks old Pomeranians choosen owner

The 8-weeks-old Pomeranian puppies in this video are feeling joyful.  But then, what Pomeranians don’t?   Listening to the conversation in the background, it sounds like someone is trying to decide on which puppy to take home.

Listen to those busy little feet running around.  Even though Poms are small, they have a loud bark, and sometimes they don’t know when to stop.  It is a good idea to train them to stop barking on command.  Pomeranians are not very dependent, so that makes them excellent pets for dog lovers who are very busy.

How to choose a Pomeranian

Because Pomeranians are small, they can do well with apartment living.  However, it’s probably a good idea to not put them in a home with small children because of their small size.

As with choosing other dogs, if possible, it is a good idea to spend time with a puppy before taking them home (more than one visit) to make sure that the personality of the puppy harmonizes well with your family.

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Here is some advice from The Pomeranian Information Site on choosing a Pomeranian. To make sure that you are getting a healthy Pomeranian, it is a good idea to buy from a registered Show Pomeranian breeder. The reason is that Show Pomeranian breeders have already done health testing.  They will prove their show dogs before they breed, and they spend a great deal of time planning the breeding.

The advice from that site is instead of searching for puppies, search for the breeders who have a high standard of ethics.  It is quite possible you’ll have to wait because Pomeranians do not have large litters.  This excellent article goes into what to look for when selecting the puppy.  You can read the details of that list here.  Enjoy watching these little bundles of joy play with their new friends.

Article source:  The Pomeranian Information Site


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