[VIDEO] Corgi Puppy Sneezes Big

video Corgi puppy sneezes

The Corgi puppy in this video has some big sneezes that almost knock him over.   Actually to us those sneezes don’t sound very loud at all.  Given the size of this puppy, the force of those sneezes actually did knock him over at least once.  Plus he is walking on wood floor, so he can’t grab on to anything for balance like he could if he were walking on a carpet.

An article in Pets4Homes says that there are some common reasons for dogs sneezing.   Not the occasional sneeze, but enough for you to wonder if you should be concerned.  Allergies is one of the more common reasons.  Since puppies are still building their immune system, they may be more prone to allergies.  As they grow older, this will decrease.  Some of the things that puppies may be allergic to include pollen, grass, smoke, grain in the dog food, dust in the air, and mold spores.

What to look for when puppies sneeze frequently

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Another possible reason for puppies sneezing is that they might have inhaled some particles as they explore.  For example, as they run in the yard, they might have inhaled some grass seeds. Sneezing is an efficient way to get that out of their body.  If it sounds like they have something lodged in their respiratory system, it’s best to take them to the vet.

Still another possible reason for sneezes sounding unusual, but nevertheless something to be mindful of is dental problems.  Although most dental problems are probably with older dogs, puppies can too.  If they are changing puppy teeth into adult teeth, or if they have an overcrowded mouth, for example.  If there is infection around the gum, that can actually lead to sneezing.   If you suspect there is some oral or dental related problem, check their gum and see if it is inflamed or swollen. You can read about other reasons here.

Article source:  Pets4Homes


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