[VIDEO] German Shepherd Carries Kitten Up The Stairs


The German Shepherd in this video carries a kitten up the stairs.   His name is Tennyson.  What a poetic name!  Tennyson is a nurturing soul.  His family just adopted a young kitten.  The stairs are just way too tall for the little one to climb.  The kitten is shorter than the step!

Watching his new kitty brother struggle with this, Tennyson went back down the stairs, picks up his kitten brother with his mouth, and carried him up to the top of the stairs.  Then Tennyson lies down to reassure the kitten that everything is all right.  What a wonderful friend.  Their Mom probably was scared when she saw Tennyson’s mouth around the kitten’s head!  But all is well.

Enjoy watching this loving German Shepherd helps his kitten go up the stairs in an efficient manner.


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