[VIDEO] Dogs That Kittens Trust And Play With


The dogs in this video are ones that kittens trust and like to play with.  There’s got to be good reasons why kittens would snuggle into the arms of a napping dog.  They feel safe.  And that is the reason why a tiny kitten lets her dog friend who is probably 30 times her size and weight give her a tummy wash, wiggling her with the power of his strength.

One kitten discovers that even though she is annoying her dog friend by messing with her tail, the little one can trust that her friend would not retaliate.  And watch how willing the terrier is to share his corn on the cob with his kitten friend.  These are just a couple of the many reasons why kittens trust and like to play with dogs.

Enjoy watching these sweet moments.

Image source:  via Light Humour


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