[VIDEO] This Dog Uses The Treadmill Differently


The dog in this video uses the treadmill differently.  Brilliantly too!   His name is Hercules.   Watch how he warms up before he jumps on the treadmill.  He exercises his arms first.  Smart!   We do warm up too before we start doing cardio exercises.

He likes doing 1 arm exercise.  That has got to give him great feeling of success.  Just the touch of his paw can make the treadmill move. 🙂  He keeps barking while he exercises.  I wonder if he’s simply feeling excited.  Then when he finally hop on the treadmill, he does so joyfully.   What a happy dog!

Enjoy working out along with this puppy.  The easy way to work out. 🙂

Image source:  via Pinterest


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