[VIDEO] Giant Dogs Who Believe They Are Puppies


The giant dogs in this video believe they are puppies.  It can be a bit intimidating to see a huge dog walking toward you who’s almost your height and size.  I’ve experienced that myself.  This video shows that giant dogs have no idea that they are giants.  Most often, they are among the gentlest of dogs, and want to cuddle with you, just like your little dogs.  They may be fully grown, or just really huge puppies.  Whatever their age, they still believe they are the same size as the day you brought them home.  Totally oblivious to the concept of weight.  So they still climb on your lap.  As an observer, that picture looks cute.  But ask the person being sat on.  30 pounds feels a lot different from 200 pounds on your legs.  “Caaaaaan’t get up.  My legs fell asleep.  There’s a gigantic puppy in my lap.”

Enjoy watching this video, which is a slide show of lovely big dogs cuddling with their humans.

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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