[VIDEO] Two Musically Talented Retrievers Play The Piano


The two very musically talented Retrievers in this video are playing the piano.  Their piano teacher is playing a wind instrument (an ocarina) and the dogs match the notes on the keyboard.  They hit EVERY key accurately.  I think they’ve been practicing for some time because the Retriever closer to the camera can even anticipate the next note.  Sometimes she plays the note even before the woman does.  Isn’t it remarkable what great ears these dogs have?  But then it’s been said that many a great musicians learn by ear.  I’ve watched other videos of these dogs actually performing in retirement homes.  Those were much longer videos.  If you would like to watch more of these two prodigies, you can go to YouTube and type in Piano Dogs Visit Nursing Home.

Enjoy listening to these gifted Retrievers play the keyboard.


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