[VIDEO] Girl Surprised With Basset Hound Puppy

video girl gets dream dog for christmas

What a lovely video of a Christmas puppy surprise!    This young lady looks like she already has experience in caring for the family dog.  Now this Basset puppy is HER dog.  She is overwhelmed with joy, and sounds like she’s been wishing for her own dog for some time.

How to introduce a new puppy to your dog

Usually, puppies would not be ideal for a Christmas present unless you know that person has been wanting one, and is ready to care for one.  It’s best not to give surprise gifts that require a lifetime of care (the dog’s lifetime.)  The receiver needs to have not only a desire to have a puppy, but a desire to care for the puppy, feeding it, taking it for walks, playing with it, keeping it healthy.  It really is quite a time-consuming commitment.

Many puppies end up in shelters because they were surprise Christmas gifts for someone not ready to have a puppy in their life.  In this video, the new puppy meets the resident dog in the backyard.  Actually, there is an even better location for the first meeting.

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The ideal condition to introduce a new puppy to the family dog (or resident dog) is in a neutral territory so the family dog does not feel that her space is being intruded.  Ask a friend to help.  At the neutral park (but not your dog’s favorite dog park because that could feel like her territory as well) have your friend walk the new dog about 20 feet from where you are walking your resident dog.  Then cross over the other person’s path so the dogs get a sniff of each other’s scent.  If the dogs’ curiosity of each other feels encouraging, repeat the walk but at a closer distance from each other.

When things feel good, then allow them to interact with each other at their pace.  Hold the leash loosely.  If you hold the leash tight, your dog may identify tension with meeting the other dog.  If all goes well, repeat this in your own backyard.  It’s best if your friend can take one dog in her car.  Cars can also feel like the resident dog’s territory.  If you enjoy this video, you might also like another Basset Hound video like this one.


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