[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Mojito Has A Bedtime Ritual

video golden retriever carrying toys in his mouth

Mojito has more toys than most of us!   This Golden Retriever has a most interesting bedtime ritual.  Each night, he searches through the house and goes through his toys, then selects a toy to carry up to his bedroom.  He chooses a different toy every night, as if he does not want any of his toys to feel left out.  This is a very loving and fair-minded dog.

Mojito is 3-years-old at this filming. He is also a therapy dog.  His owner says Mojito has way too many toys.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has one for every day of the year.  And why not?  Dogs ARE our children.  They absolutely deserve whatever they want.

How to choose toys that are safe for dogs

Notice how Mojito carries his toy softly in his mouth.  Golden Retriever is known to have a soft mouth.  They don’t bite down hard because when they were hunting with their owners for birds, they retrieve the birds and carry them in their mouth.  And they want to keep the bird intact, so they have a soft touch (soft mouth).

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And if you buy toys for your dog other than from manufacturers who specifically use dog-friendly material to make the toys, it would be a good idea to go an extra step to protect your dog.  For example, if you are giving a stuffed toy to them that’s made for children, remove the buttons that are often used for eyes.  You know how dogs may bite off things and swallow them.

And if the material can easily be torn apart by your dog who loves to chew, you want to make sure the material is not shredded foam that they may swallow.   Especially if your dog is a tiny one, a small button can be dangerous to that little throat. Enjoy watching Mojito in this video, carrying a different toy to bed every night.  I wonder just how many toys he has!


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