[VIDEO] Joyful Westies Showing Their Personalities

video happy Westies playing

The joyful Westies in this video are playing to a Christmas song.  Yes, certain Christmas songs sound good almost year-round.  It certainly feels like a festive song to match the playful mentality of the Westies in this video.

Can you imagine the fun of living with several Westies?   Their names are Lulu, Jefferson, Abby, Taylor, and Phoebe.  Actually, the official name is West Highland White Terriers.  Westies make a great family dog, according to Pet Wave.  They are busy body, need to know what’s going on in the neighborhood.  They’ll poke their nose in your closets.  They just need to be on top of things.  This makes them a great watch dog.

What are some characteristics of Westies?

Westies get along with older children and other pets.  They are independent and dislike being told what to do, so when you train them, keep them motivated with their favorite treats, and keep the training sessions short and interesting.

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Westies need to walk everyday and run around in a yard. And if you don’t have a fenced in yard, take them to the park at least once a week to let their energy out.  They need to release this energy or they might start chewing or digging holes in your yard.

By the way, if you live in the suburb where there might be rodents, you’d be happy to have your Westie, because they will make sure your home is free of rodents.  But also know that they like to present their prize to you. 🙂

Westies chase after small animals. And once they are off chasing their prize, they can’t hear you calling them to come back.  So have them on a leash if you are not in a well-fenced yard.  They also bark to the slightest noise, so train them early to stop barking on command.  You can read more about Westies here.  

Article source:  Pet Wave


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