[VIDEO] Pug Enjoying Bubble Bath

video Grover the Pug enjoying a bubble bath

Many dogs dislike baths, but not Grover.  This is a video of Grover the Pug enjoying his bubble bath.  What a great idea to make the bathtime experience fun for dogs.  Grover’s parent makes it fun by putting his rubber duckie toys in the bath.  And Grover seems to like the bubble.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more dogs enjoy their bath experience?  Or at least not hate it?  It certainly would be less stressful for both them and us.  There are actually some things we can do to make this happen.  Megan Broussard shares these tips in She Knows.

How to make bath time less stressful for dogs

First, get a non-slip mat.  This will help provide a feeling of stability and security.  The bathtub is slippery already, add shampoo to it, and there’s nothing those paws can hold on to.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets
PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Second, help them associate bath with something good.  On days when you are not bathing them, call them into the bathroom, and give them treats.  Have the treats by the bathtub.  And sometime give them a really big treat, like a piece of steak or chicken.

So, call them into the bathroom, give them a treat, and let them leave.  They will start putting the two idea together.  Next, turn the water on (but not to bathe them) and offer them treats.  And on the day when you actually bathe them, reward them often with treats during the bath.

And continue to practice calling them into the bathroom for treats the day after the bath.  Third, get a Bach Rescue Remedy Spray.  There are some made for pets.  If you’ve used Rescue Remedy, you know it’s intended to calm.  The version made for pets has the same intention, to calm anxiety.  You can read more tips on making the bath experience less stressful for your dog here.

Article source:  Megan Broussard in She Knows


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