[VIDEO] This Man Has Already Adopted 10 Senior Rescue Dogs

video of a man who adopts 10 senior dogs

This man finds fulfillment in adopting senior dogs.  At this filming, he has already adopted 10 senior rescue dogs!   And he loves taking care of them.  His name is Steve Greig.  When he lost his beloved dog, he felt a hole in his heart for a while, like many of us do when we went through the same experience.   When he adopted a senior rescue dog, he immediately felt better.

He adopted the oldest and least adoptable dog who has a heart murmur and 4 bad knees.  And that was just the beginning for Steve.  Now he has 10 senior rescue dogs (probably more to come) and other farm animals.  The dogs are all harmonious with each other.  They know who they are, and they appreciate this kind man who wants to provide them with a loving home.  He was interviewed by Rachael Ray, who generously donates at least a year supply of dog food and cat food to Steve, and offers to keep them coming when he runs out.

Life with 10 senior rescue dogs

Steve as well as many others who have adopted a senior rescue dog share that the dog appreciates this second chance.  Often the younger ones, the healthy ones, the really cute ones are adopted first.  The ones with health issues may be in the shelter for a while.

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When a human comes along who invites them into their loving home, the senior rescue dogs are most grateful.  Not only are both the dog and the parent happy for having found each other, senior dogs most likely have been trained by their previous family already.  Their personality is already developed. You are bringing home what you see, unlike a puppy.

A puppy needs to be toilet trained.  You go through the teething period, socializing them, teaching them manners.  Their personality is not yet developed, so you won’t really see what you are getting until they have grown a bit more.  Senior dogs do not have excess energy like puppies do, and are happy to take leisurely walks with you.  Enjoy watching this heartwarming video.  It is very uplifting.


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