[VIDEO] Charlie The Beagle Pampered By Friend

video Charlie the Beagle

In this video, Charlie the Beagle is being pampered by his friend, Laura Olivia, when his paw hurts. He was walking on grass, which was frozen.  Charlie got a scratch on his paw, and now he is limping a bit.  His very favorite girl is taking excellent care of Charlie.  She is the best nurse ever!

Not only does she give first-aid to Charlie by wrapping some gauze around his paw, she hugs him and kisses him.   She wraps a blanket around Charlie to keep him cozy, then get up on the couch to put her arms around him.  If he doesn’t heal quickly from this attention, I don’t know what will.  At one point, looks like Charlie prefers to lick his wound.  He did try to take off the gauze, but his nurse puts it back on, and puts a sock on the gauze.  Charlie appreciates her good intention and lets her do what she wants with his paw.

How much exercise do Beagles need?

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Beagles are friendly with people and peaceful around other pets, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy. They are developed as hunting dogs, are explorers and chasers.  They need more exercise than many think.  Just a walk around the block would not do to keep them healthy and fit.  They need long walks, and frequently.  A yard where they can run leash free will allow them to stretch their legs.  And not just any yard.   A fenced yard.

The reason a fence yard is necessary for a Beagle is because he is a scent dog, if he smells something interesting, or if he sees something running, off he goes.  He can climb higher than we think and can also digs his way out of a fence.  So give some thoughts to the kind of fence to protect this escape artist from dashing into potential danger. You can read more about Beagles here.

Enjoy watching this sweet video of Laura Olivia playing nurse to her beloved Beagle Charlie, who is ever so ready to be her playmate.


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