[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Puppy Sliding Down Ramp


The Golden Retriever puppy in this video seems to enjoy sliding down a ramp.  Isn’t it the cutest sight to watch a puppy at this stage enjoy trying out new things?  The puppy is actually using his human parents’ skating ramp.  It’s not very steep, but enough that it takes the puppy by surprise when he finds his body sliding backward.  Doesn’t it look cute that he is sliding down on his stomach?   I think as long as he could see what’s happening, he felt okay about this weird sensation.  In fact, he seems to enjoy it because he keeps going back up the ramp.  But that last one startles him, and wasn’t as pleasant as the previous slides.  So he calls it quits.  For now.  I have a feeling he’ll come back to it another day.

Enjoy watching this little one slide down the ramp.


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