[VIDEO] Helping Mama Pug Bottle Feed Her 7 Puppies


In this video, some human friends are helping Mama Pug bottle feed her 7 puppies.  She just gave birth to them a few hours ago.  Welcome to earth, little ones!  The mama pug, Lilly, wasn’t able to nurse all the puppies right after she gave birth, so her human friends are helping her with bottle feeding. But she only needs help the 1st day.   Giving birth to 7 babies have GOT to be exhausting!   Still, she has energy to move around, cleaning her newborn pups, making sure the humans are doing their job correctly.  What an efficient mama.  I am surprised she jumped onto the sofa with such ease, having given birth just several hours ago!  And carrying one of her babies in her mouth when she jumps!  Starting the following day, Mama took care of feeding all by herself already.  Such resilience!

Enjoy watching these little ones who are starting their earth life!

Image source:  Beepb00p on Imgur


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