[VIDEO] Golden Retrievers Cute Moments

video golden retriever moments

This video is a wonderful compilation of Golden Retrievers’ cute moments.  The first Retriever is trying to speak like a human.  I am surprised how many pet parents have attempted to teach their dogs to say “I love you.”  It does make sense though.  We already know our dog loves us.  Adding the audio element is a nice bonus.   So don’t give up.   Some of them really come pretty close.

video cute Golden Retriever momentAnother Retriever is annoyed by the fire engine’s noise, as almost every dog is.  However, this one takes it a step further and adds his own twist in response.

Next, the puppy meeting himself in the mirror is just precious!  It really throws them off the first time they see that reflection.   And it’s not just mirrors.   It’s glass door when the light condition is just right so it acts like a mirror.   Think about how you would help your puppy deal with this without feeling stressed.

A video filled with Golden Retrievers

The next clip is a Retriever learning to make sounds on the piano.  What a cute party trick!   Skipping ahead to another clip is a Retriever who is proud of how many tennis balls he could fit inside his mouth.  Let’s see how long he can hold them without getting tired.

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And then there’s the Retriever who appreciates piano music, singing along to the soothing sound while lying on the floor.  Then there’s the Goldie who barks at the water.  Not all Retrievers are water dogs.  But that’s the topic of another blog post that only a percentage of Retrievers are natural swimmers.

Alissa Navarro writes an article in Tech Times, citing researches done on whether dogs have a sense of humor.  The study measures the playfulness of 56 breeds.  The breeds that rank the highest were the English Springer Spaniel, the Irish Setter, the Golden Retriever, the Airedale, and the Poodle.  You can read her entire article here.  

Enjoy the fun Golden Retriever moments in this video!

Article source:  Alissa Navarro in Tech Times


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