[VIDEO] Golden Retrievers Helping With Grocery

video Golden Retrievers eager to help around the house

The Golden Retrievers in this video LOVE to help carry their owner carry grocery bags from the car into the house.  Such great helpers!  Some of those items look pretty heavy–like the box of laundry detergent.  Yet, the dogs seem eager and happy to make many trips until the job is done.  And they are fast too, even while carrying something relatively heavy.

How to train your dog to help with house work

Actually, this would be an interesting task to teach your dog.  Pat Miller in Whole Dog Journal shares some tips on this topic.  She is training her 8-year-old dog to help her sort laundry.  She shares that dogs are partially color-blind, so spare them that part of the task.

Pat starts by putting an item in each pile.  For example, jeans, towels, socks, etc.  Put the piles far apart so the dog is not confused.  Maybe 6 to 8 feet apart.  Start by handing an item from the laundry to your dog.  Say “socks”, point to the socks pile, and walk with her to the socks pile.

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Then say “trade” so your dog drops the socks and you let her know she has done her job well by saying “yes” or give her a treat, or click for those who use clickers.  When she’s caught on to this procedure, let your dog take the item to the right pile by herself without accompanying her.  Then gradually use only the word “socks” without even pointing to the socks pile.

Many dogs enjoy having a job.  Especially those bred to be working dogs.  Once you’ve taught them the names of family members, think about teaching them how to pull back a blanket so your dog can wake up the children for school.

Or train your dog to carry a note in his mouth to family members.  This saves you from making trips up and down the stairs.  Or train your dog to get the family members to the dinner table.  Imagine the fun you can have with this!  You can read Pat’s entire article here.

Article source:  Pat Miller in Whole Dog Journal


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