[VIDEO] Samoyeds Making Children Laugh

video Samoyeds making children laugh

The Samoyeds in this video are making children laugh.  They are just so wonderful with children. So gentle and patient.  Great nannies!  They love it if they could go romping in the yard with the kids, especially in the snow. These are originally Arctic dogs!

The Samoyeds adore people and love being with them.  That’s why they won’t make much of a guard dog, according to Pet Wave. They will announce the visitor, and when they’re done, they’ll probably go to the visitor for a rub down.

Characteristics of a Samoyed

If you love the outdoors, the Samoyed will be a great hiking companion for you.  And they can keep you warm at night, as they did long ago with the Samoyedic tribe in the Siberian winters.  The Samoyed needs a moderate amount of VIGOROUS exercise.   Walk them several times a day, and let them run and stretch their legs several times a week.  And if there is snow (winter is a Samoyed’s favorite season) your Samoyed is going to be out in the yard for hours, especially if there are children for him to play with.

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When you start training your Sammie, it is possible that you might find an independence about him.  For example, he may not listen to you.  Please remember that your Samoyed loves you, and this possible trait is due to his ancestral work to sometimes make decisions for the well-being of his people.

Having the ability to make independent decisions, it is understandable why he may not just listen and do your bidding.  Know that he is not trying to be defiant or try to be your boss.  So, a way to get around this when you train your Sammie is to keep the training sessions short and interesting to him.  And vary the activities so he won’t be bored. Shower him with praises and treats to reinforce behaviors you want. And never be harsh with a Samoyed.  They’ll stop listening all together.  Remember their independent nature.  You can learn more about the Samoyeds here.  Do you have experience training a Samoyed? Share them in the comment at the bottom of this page.  If you enjoy this video, you might also like this one.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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