[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Having Fun

video Corgi puppies having fun

Start the day with these amusing Corgi puppies.  None of them intends to entertain us, but somehow they manage to do so.  Perhaps it’s those short little legs and those big paws.  The fluffy behind that makes their gait so fun to watch.

Corgi is one of the most intelligent dogs I know. They have a great memory.  They remember where you last put that jar of treats.  Even when it was a year ago!  They like to have the family all together in one place.  (Just imagine their job when everyone is spread out around the house.)  It’s their herding instinct.  They were bred to do this.  According to My Corgi, if you are thinking of getting a Corgi, There are several questions to ask yourself.

What is a Corgi like?

1) How are you around dogs that bark a lot? A Corgi thinks it is his job to let you know when something is different.  Someone walking up the driveway, the neighbor coming home. When something moves.  When they want something to move.

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2) Because they are herders, they can be nipping at the heels.  They may also play bite when they are puppies.  Most puppies do this, and some of them are soft-mouthed, but Corgis bite hard.   Is there someone in your house that’s fragile or young children with easy access to these pups before you finish training them to eliminate these behaviors?

3) And the last question is:  How do you feel about shedding?  A lot of it?  This is one dog you’ll find yourself saying, “How can anyone shed this much and still has a head of hair?”

If you are okay with all 3 of these elements, Corgis are smart, easy to train, loyal, and get along with other animals, and make good watch dog.  You can read more about Corgis here.  Enjoy watching all the lovely Corgi pups in this video.  If you like videos of Corgi puppies, here’s another one for you.

Article source:  My Corgi


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