[VIDEO] Boxer Puppies Making Children Laugh

video Boxers making children laugh

The Boxer puppies in this video adore their human babies.  Listen to the delightful squeal of the babies.  A few of them seem intent on entertaining the children and making them laugh.  Even clownish at times with the little ones.

In another scene, a little girl was in her high chair, feeding bread crumbs to her Boxer.  Watch how gentle he is when he took the bread crumb from her hand.  In several scenes after that, the Boxers want to kiss the babies.   Some were encouraged, while others were discouraged from doing so.  You can just tell from all the different scenes that these children are going to have a very good friend as they grow up.

What are Boxers like?

We can tell from this video that all the Boxers are very fond of their children, which is a trait of Boxer, according to Hills Pet.  They are famous for being loyal family pets who will guard their family against strangers.

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Bred to be companions and guard dogs, Boxers are one of the first breeds to work as a police dog.  They also work as seeing eye dogs.  Boxers are very intelligent and high-energy.  They like to stay busy, so be sure they have sufficient exercise to let out that energy.  And they have a high need for human companionship.

This breed is best suited for families that have someone available to spend time with them, or a larger family that always have someone home.  Boxers cannot tolerate hot weather, so you need to take this into consideration. They also don’t do well in cold weather either because they have a short coat.  Boxers do not bark much.  When they do, you know that they have a good reason.  They do talk in their own way though, in something that sounds like a growl.  But it’s not an unhappy growl.  It’s just how they talk.  You can read more about Boxers here.  If you enjoy this Boxer video, you might also like this one.

Article source:  Hills Pet


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