[VIDEO] Labradoodle Learning To Whisper

video labradoodle learns to whisper

The Labradoodle in this video learns how to whisper.  She is just one-year-old at this filming.  Her owner writes that her Labradoodle is not very vocal.  This is a wonderful way to encourage her dog to learn to use her voice.  “Speak” is her regular bark.  “Whisper” is almost not audible.  “Angry voice” is growl.  She is rewarded after every action.

Labradoodles are very intelligent and they love to learn.  Here are some guidelines to these learning sessions.  Keep them short so they don’t get bored.  Maybe 10 to 15 minutes at a time, according to Labradoodle Dogs.   And if there is some skills that they are just not getting, and you are starting to get stressed, end the session on a positive note by saying something like “Sit” and offer a reward.  Then start again later in the day.

How to teach your dog to shake hands

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So which tricks to start with?  Shaking hands is a simple trick, so it would be good to start with this. Ask your dog to sit, then take one of his front paws and GENTLY shake it up and down, saying “paws” or “shake hands” or whichever word you want to use.

While you are shaking his hands, say the word.  Then praise him with your encouraging voice and offer him a treat.  Do this a few times.  Then hold out your hand, with your palm up, so he can put his paw in yours, and say “shake”.

If he doesn’t know what to do, take his paw and practice some more until he is clear.  After he masters the handshake, you can move on to “High five.”  It is a relative easy transition. You can read how to teach your dog the “High five” and other simple tricks here.  If you want to share a trick you taught your dog, feel free to comment on the bottom of this page.

Article source:  Labradoodle Dog


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