[VIDEO] Grover The Pug Loves To Eat Lettuce

video Pug eating lettuce

In this video, Grover the Pug is enjoying his lettuce.  From the way he sounds, he must think lettuce is gourmet food.  It is a good thing to see a Pug eating vegetable.  This is a breed that has a tendency to gain weight.  This adds burden on a breed that often has breathing problems.

What kind of food is good for a Pug?

We can add to our Pug’s healthy life by giving her the right kind of food in the right proportion.  That proportion varies depending on her age, her metabolic rate, and on how active she is.  Pet Pug Dog offers guidelines on this topic.  It is a good idea to have a feeding schedule (unless she is under 3 months old).

How to prevent a Pug from getting overweight

Calming Bed for Dogs
Calming Bed for Dogs

Feeding schedules can help with maintaining her weight.  If food is left out for her to eat whenever she feels like it, she can easily gain weight.  When house training a puppy, having a schedule helps to predict their bathroom schedule.   And a dog that has a regular schedule for grooming, sleeping, eating, tend to be more well-behaved.

Is it better to cook your own food for your Pug?

You might consider cooking your own food for your Pug.  Sometimes Pugs can be allergic to additives or artificial coloring in dog food (and not only Pugs).  Healthy home made meals are easy, and you can prepare 1 week’s worth in one cooking session.  It may be more economical since you are already buying some of the ingredients anyway.

What kinds of proteins are good for Pugs?

Meat should be the main ingredient because it provides the protein your Pug needs.  Boiled white chicken, lean hamburger meat, fish, liver and organs are good choices.  Fish has omegas that keep their skin and coat healthy.  Green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, baked potatoes, spinach, broccoli, zucchini are all good.  Carrots would make a healthy snack.  Fruits are good for all dogs.  Blueberry, Blackberry, banana, pumpkin would make a good snack.  Commercial food already has vitamins pre-mixed into the kibble.  If you are home-cooking, you’ll need to provide the complete vitamin and mineral supplement your dog needs.  This will depend on their age—puppy, adult, senior.  You can read more details about this topic here.

Article source:  Pet Pug Dog


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