[VIDEO] Harley The Pug Does Math Addition And Subtraction


The pug in this video is Harley.  He can add AND subtract.   His mom is holding him and asked him, “Harley, what is 2+4?”  Harley tapped the answer with his right paw.  Correct answer!   “Harley, what is 100 – 99?”  Again, Harley tapped the correct answer.

And the last one is impressive.  “Harley, what is 6 + 2 – 1?”  Perfect again!  I am curious how this woman trained Harley.  Did she just teach him these 3 answers?  Or was there a more comprehensive training?  I’ve seen other dogs who can do math, even read math equations.  Because of their involvement in our lives, dogs are evolving too.

Enjoy being impressed by Harley, the pug who can add AND subtract.

Image source:  via Pinterest


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