[VIDEO] Heeler Puppy Buck Confused By His Hiccups


The Heeler puppy in this video is Buck.  He is feeling confused by his hiccups.  Poor 8-weeks-old Buck.  If this is his very first experience with hiccups, it can be stressful.  It’s uncontrollable, and he could not stop it.  Actually, he turns around, as if to look for the source of this uncomfortable feeling.

What can a puppy do with this unpredictable hiccup?  Bark!  According to Amber Johnson, Animal Behavioralist, “Puppy hiccups most commonly occur when a dog eats or drinks too fast”.  She also wrote that when puppies get excited quickly or are under stress, they can have hiccups too.  She also offer suggestions on how to slow a puppy’s eating.

Enjoy this brief moment of surprise that Buck encounters.

Image source:  via NBC News

Article source:  Amber Johnson



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