[VIDEO] Fluffy Chow Chow Puppy Taking Big Step


The fluffy Chow Chow puppy in this video is taking a big step.  Up onto the deck.  It may seem like a small step to us.  But look at the height of this puppy.   He is at eye level to the top of the step.  But he is a smart puppy.  He went to the end of the deck, hoping that the step is lower there.

His parent wants him to climb that step, so he encourages the puppy to do so.  He moves his hand closer to the puppy, and gradually pulling it toward the deck.  The puppy really wants to interact more closely with Dad, so he follows Dad’s hand, stretches himself a little bit more, and SUCCESS!   Sometimes, moving the goal closer is just that one little encouragement that helps us make the leap.

Enjoy watching this Chow Chow puppy succeed.


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