[VIDEO] Boo’s First Video


This is the first video of Boo.  Before music was added.  Just photos of cute Boo in all his glory.  If you are not familiar with Boo, he is the internet’s beloved Pomeranian.  His Facebook page has over 17 million followers.  His claim to fame?  His cuteness.  And his haircut has something to do with that, I suspect.

And his costumes.  And how good Boo looks in every costume.  Boo actually enjoys wearing clothes.  My hypothesis for that is because he is cold.  The clothes keep him warm.  Because Boo is so famous, his owner uses his fame to do a lot of charity work, to uplift the spirits of many.  Look at that face, who wouldn’t smile just looking at him?!

Enjoy watching the first video of Boo.

Image source:  via ABC News


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