[VIDEO] Bulldog Uses Only His Vocal Power To Get Back His Bed


The Bulldog in this video uses only his vocal power to get back his bed.  He has absolutely no intention of starting a fight with the dog who stole his bed.  All he wants is his comfy bed back.  But how does he make the other dog leave his bed?

The power of his voice.  It’s not about volume.  It’s about the tone.  A threatening tone.  At the beginning the Bulldog sounds a bit whiny, so the other dog ignores him.  Then the Bulldog walks away.  When he returns, he walks closer to the other dog, but still leaves a distance.  He is not looking to start a fight.  The dog still ignores him, so he walks away again.  A third time, he walks closer to the dog, with a threatening tone.  This time, it works!

Watch this persistent Bulldog gets his way.

Image source:  via Precious Pooches


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