[VIDEO] Helpful Jesse The Jack Russell Terrier


This video shows how helpful Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier is to his owner, mom, trainer–Heather.  She trains Jesse purely on praise and treats.  Jesse has mastered a wide range of skills.  He opens the cabinet and take a can of dog food to Mom so he can have his meal.  He even brings his bowl to Mom.

He can help remove the bedsheet, turn on the faucet, fill the teapot, put a teabag in a cup.  He knows how to push down the button on the teapot, put a piece of bread in the toaster and turn on the toaster.  He helps to fold towels and take them to the linen closet, place the towels on a shelf, and closes the closet.  All these skill are very practical, even they look cute to us.

Enjoy watching Jesse and his many many many talents.

Image source:  via amsvans


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